I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

fighting myself

Again im facing the neverending battle between me and myself.. Its always been like this, even way before I knew this is a war all of us really face on a daily basis. Me against me, isabeau vs isabeau.. Will I ever win, and if i do who is deemed victorious? GAGA!! eh di ikaw pa rin.. hayss me and my gaganess.. Its the usual evil side vs good side, i think.. hehehe But sometimes i dont know who's side im in, both of them are parts of me so inherent to who i am.. if one looses, half of me looses right? So technically its a draw? Why do i have to over analyse things, huh? me and my brain, so full of crap.. hahhaha But what am I aiming for in fighting myself, or in accepting this inner war? I hope to be in full control of who I am, no when to cast the evil me and good me.. Control is key in self actualization.. hayss words i say, i dont even understand sometimes.. why is happiness so, so distant? and i leave with that question.. good luck to everyones fight.

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