I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Pain Has a Purpose

I just got my tshirt from the presidentof our class. I got it late, its supposed to be worn for intramurals to represent the law department, anyway intrams bores me, so its ok.. Funny how the print says "Pain Has a Purpose". Makes me think of all the pains i went through. Some of which still feels sore, some are just distant memories, some i shudder remembering. I do agree that pain does have a purpose, its just that we often times dwell too much on the hurt and suffering it brings. The anguish, sorrow, tears, sleepless nights, and trauma these pains bring make us not want to be in the same disposition ever again. Question, do we get the purpose? I think not. There is so many songs, poems, art and etc. that express the pain the artists feel, but rarely do you hear or see a contemplation or an understanding of that pain. I personally havent seen anyone in gratitude for the pain while in pain. Oh maybe physical pain being welcomed(self inflicted or otherwise) but welcoming the pain is different from understanding and accepting why it happens. But no one in their right mind would choose to be in pain, i mean do u? Ive welcomed pain but i didnt really understand fully or if given a more beneficial choice I wouldnt choose pain. Im thinking, I should post this phrase in my room, noh? It should be a reminder that though I might be in pain, this has a purpose? The question is, is the pain for better or for worse? I guess I'll have to find out after the pain subsides.

Hmmm lemme list my current pains and evaluate which of them I seems to bring a good purpose. In no particular order and category:

  • not sleeping 8hrs a day
  • the long list of cases i have to read AND understand
  • my tight panties
  • my hagard look (its a pain for women u know)
  • migraine (pota tlga to)
  • pressure to pass a 75% passing rate (hayoooop!!!!!!!)
  • a complicated love life (fling lang)
  • lvl 48 pa rin ang character ko sa RF
  • no income
  • wlang boylet (frustrated sexlife hahahha)

For now this is the list i can come up with.. I dont think there's anything too painful here, noh? Im thankful I dont have that many pains and its not at all seeping and tearing me apart. Mai purpose ba lahat? How bout the sexlife thingy? hahahhaha Thank you Lord, mahal mo tlga ako.. Try it, list down ur pains, maybe ull see or atleast understand its purpose..

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