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Masking the Stress Away

Purederm's Skin Recovery Red Ginseng Mask

I was browsing through Watson's and got curious on the Purederm masks.  I have very sensitive skin that's why Im wary of trying skin products.  There's quite a buzz about these masks that I decided to give it a go.  I chose the variant that has the least intimidating name.  Skin Recovery Red Ginseng Mask was the winner by elimination. The "re-energizing" tag seems safe to me and ginseng doesnt sound scary at all.  

  • It didnt break me out
  • My skin got refreshed and supple immediately after the application.
  • No funky smell, in fact I love the citrus pomegranate scent.
  • Barely Php70.00 a pack and it's good for 3 applications!
  • Will definitely buy again!